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ABE / GED Program


Participants will develop the essential Reading, Writing and Math computation skills, in preparation for the GED test, in addition to contextually acquiring critical Employability, Occupational and English Communication Skills required to successfully enter employment or in a career path leading to self sufficiency. Our goal is always to maximize our clients' participation, job placement, employment retention and advancement.

WA maintains a consistent strategy throughout all the programs and activities it offers and the highest possible academic/educational standards in the industry. All of our programs:

  • Use curricula that have been approved by the State of New Jersey Department of Education and Labor and are based on the Equipped for the Future Standards.
  • Incorporate employability skills that have proven effective in practice;
  • Make available cutting edge technology in the classroom, providing for self-paced instruction.
  • Offer methodologies and classroom activities that are student-driven.
  • Use effective academic, educational, job placement and retention methodologies to ensure the success of our students in the classroom and in their chosen work environment.

Workforce Advantage incorporates the "Equipped for the Future (EFF)" standards adopted by the State Employment and Training Commission and the State Council on Adult Literacy. These standards define the capabilities needed for adults to "carry out their roles and responsibilities as workers, parents and family members, citizens, and community members". They include the ability to understand and use prose (such as reports, letters and equipment manuals); to communicate effectively in English; to understand use documents (i.e. Safety instructions, assembly directions, etc.); to understand and use numbers by themselves or in charts and tables; to think critically and act logically to solve problems and make decisions; to use computer technology, tools and information systems effectively; to hold a positive attitude toward change and a willingness to learn for life.

Occupational and Employability skills are integrated in our ABE curriculum from the beginning so that these skills are developed along with the basic skills. The curriculum incorporates personal aptitudes, value systems, career exploration; employability skills, such as, job search strategies, resume writing, job interviewing techniques; and job maintenance skills, such as, cultural diversity, conflict resolution, corporate cultures, Team building, time management, dealing with authority, etc.

Using a Contextual Learning approach, the program will also stress job related communication skills and active occupational vocabulary development. Participants will learn money management skills, how to utilize public transportation effectively, job opportunities and vocabulary related to their areas of occupational interest.

Participants will:

  • Develop occupational and employability skills (work maturity skills) they require to advance to reach self-sufficiency.
  • Receive high quality training, utilizing innovative learner driven teaching strategies and based on up to date Curriculum Competencies, which meet the requirements and needs of our employer-partners.