Work Force Advantage Logo Slogan

Workforce Advantage, established in 1988, is a customer-focused, performance-based and outcome-driven organization whose mission is to provide our clients with the comprehensive services needed to overcome their individual employment barriers and the skills required to reach their employment goals and self-sufficiency. This enables them to provide for their families, fully participate in their communities, compete in the labor market, and contribute to their community's economic development by providing added value to their employer's products and services.

For almost 25 years we continue to maintain the success of our programs with the highest placement rate and retention among all service providers in the counties we operate. Workforce Advantage has developed strong partnerships with the local employers who hire our graduates.

We have been successfully providing ESL, ABE, Pre-Occupational Training in both Office Technology and Health Careers, Occupational Training (C.N.A., Home Health Aide and Office Technology) as well as Job Search and Readiness.

Workforce Advantage maintains the highest possible academic/educational standards and a consistent strategy across all the programs and activities offered in the industry. All of our curricula has been approved by the State of New Jersey Department of Education and Labor which are based on the Equipped for the Future Standards (EFF) and employability skills. This contexualized teaching approach allows us to target High Demand Occupations in growing economic sectors in the region and have proven effective in practice. Technology is key to the Workforce Advantage program. The use of voice recognition instructional software has tremendously expanded the opportunity for students to work on their skills and is a very popular supplement to classroom instruction.

Julio Sabater, President & CEO, is a founding member of the State Council on Adult Literacy and Education (SCALE) and a member of the Executive Committee of the State Employment & Training Commission (SETC), where he has served for over a decade. He is a member of the Union County WIB and Adult Literacy Committee and Hudson County WIB Adult Literacy Committee.